Duane Milot was interviewed by CBC in connection with the revelation that the Canada Revenue Agency made a deal with wealthy KPMG Clients.

duane-milot on CBC

Toronto tax lawyer Duane Milot says the Canada Revenue Agency routinely drags his less wealthy clients through the courts for years when there is a dispute, and that there shouldn’t be a double standard. (CBC)


“Toronto tax lawyer Duane Milot, who represents middle-income Canadians in disputes with the CRA, says his clients are routinely dragged through the courts for years by Canada Revenue.

“It’s outrageous,” he told CBC News after reading the leaked document. “The CRA appears to be saying to Canadians, ‘If you’re rich and wealthy, you get a second chance, but if you’re not, you’re stuck.'” …

“This doesn’t pass the smell test,” Milot said. “This is exactly the type of government behaviour that erodes the public’s confidence in the system, these type of secret deals. Everybody should be treated equally.”…

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