Global Learning Giving Initiative (GLGI) Intake Documents

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  • These documents relate to the Milot Law – E.G. Gilmore and Associates Inc. GLGI initiative for the 2004-2013 taxation years.
  • It applies to individuals who did not accept the CRA’s offer to settle or file an appeal in The Tax Court of Canada.
  • It also applies to individuals who did not agree to be bound by the Tax Court of Canada decision in Mariano v. The Queen, which dealt with the 2004 and 2005 taxation years.
  • The purpose of this GLGI initiative is to (1) re-litigate the 2004 and 2005 taxation years, and (2) litigate the 2006-2013 versions of the program by using test cases funded by a group.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, please contact Milot Law at 416-601-1002

and wish to join this initiative, please complete and email all 10 pages of this document to or fax them to 416-981-7583.

Download the document here: GLGI Intake


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Milot Law is representing taxpayers in Tax Court reassessed by CRA regarding the Global Learning Gifting Initiative… hours

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