• Welcome to Milot Law, Canadian Tax Lawyers

    Milot Law is a Toronto-based law firm that advises taxpayers, in both official languages, on a variety of tax issues and represents them in disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency and the Department of Justice.

  • Size Matters

    Given our size and structure, we are able to provide tax advice that is cost-effective, but that is comprehensive and reliable.

  • We Are Canadian Tax Specialists

    We are specialists in tax, and don’t practice any other type of law.  We think that tax law is complex enough and that we shouldn’t dabble in it.

  • We Represent Your Best Interests

    We bill you for our time, but won’t nickle and dime you on small disbursements.  We think hourly rates for lawyers are high enough.

Welcome to Milot Law, Canadian Tax Lawyers in Toronto

Unique. Results-oriented. Cost-effective.

We are a Canadian tax law firm, based in Toronto, that serves clients throughout Canada. We are unique in the Bay Street background and experience of our team of professionals and in the problem solving approach that we bring to each file.

We win at all levels of the dispute resolution process, whether it be an audit, a CRA appeal or a Tax Court proceeding.

We provide Bay Street advice at a fraction of the price through our low hourly rates, our established practice of delegating work and our precedent system.


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